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The World-Voices Organization (WoVO) is a non-profit, member-driven industry association of professional voice talent. 

Our mission is to inform and educate members of the voiceover community and other business professionals about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise as it relates to the voiceover industry. 

We communicate the importance of voice acting to the public and business leaders, affirm the power of professional quality voicing and recording, and inspire through articles and recognition of achievement and excellence. We represent and advocate for the profession and stimulate discussion of the industry through events, social media and websites.


We invite you to join World-Voices Organization (WoVO), the global voice over industry trade organization!  

WoVO seeks to build a global community of voice actors who believe in high industry standards, ethical business practices, mentoring and encouragement. We aim to accomplish this by providing voice actors support across a spectrum of techniques and recording skills, engaging membership in a meaningful community, and ensuring proficient and uniform standards for the practicing voice acting professional. 

Whether you are a professional voice over artist, or are working your way toward achieving this goal, WoVO welcomes all levels of voice actors, and invites you to apply for membership. 

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WoVO fully supports its SAG-AFTRA members during the current Interactive negotiations. 

We completely understand that WoVO's union members must comply with mandates from the SAG-AFTRA leadership. We would ask that our non-union members make themselves aware of the issues under discussion and act as their conscience dictates. The benefits and safeguards obtained by the union have a beneficial effect on the entire voice industry.

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It's not as simple as you might think.
Read Peter Bishop's cautionary 
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World-Voices Organization 
Calls for Transparency

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February 2017 WoVO Rates Roundtable

Please help us further our mission by donating to World-Voices Organization. Your donation will assist us in developing educational programs, bringing our message to industry gatherings and publications, and much more.
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World-Voices Organization is incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada, USA.  501(c)(6) organizations can receive unlimited contributions from corporations, individuals, and labor unions, but these deductions are not tax deductible by donors.

December 2016 WoVO Rates Roundtable - Spanish

WoVO Studio Approval 

is now available to both Pro and Associate members!*
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*Associate members who pass Studio Approval will receive their credentials when they achieve Pro status.

The World-Voices Organization (WoVO) is a non-profit, member-driven international association of voice actors.  Through chapters and national programs, WoVO works to inform and educate about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise.

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